Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Could I ever get enough of this?


Or this?

Or how about the cran-apple pie from T-day?

But really, we wouldn't want to be overburdened with too much happiness. There must be balance in all things. So, we take to torturing the kids and ourselves:

(Jackson 2 years ago)

(Allie 2 weeks ago)


(my version of broccoli ramen noodle salad)

Technically, the salad was only torture for our jaw bones and the 2 year old.

Still, balance in most things.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Take a Picture!

I crafted twice in the last month.

Exhibit A

and B

I'm not a professional, but I had fun. And both were more or less free to make. Yes. My kind of craft.

On other picture worthy fronts, I put a bow in Allie's hair for longer than 5 min. (But less than 20).


And we actually did tummy time. What what!

Now about that other child... most of his pictures seem to be like this one--a bit on the blury end.

(And yes, that's a cameo of Bodie the piano jammer, and little Poppy who you might remember as Jackson's first love. Ya, she's still not super interested in Jackson ;D).