Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Allie Hair Tour

**Disclaimer--despite just writing a post on Allie's hair, I couldn't pass these pictures up. So it's hair again!

We went from baby shampoo to big kids shampoo this past week. It was one of those long overdue changes (delayed mostly from forgetting to buy an non-routine item at Target). I also splurged on some of that  detangler spray for Allies horrific rat's nests she acquires after every nap.

All of this is included as a precursor to Allie's hairdos of late. The girl has incredible variety. Let's go on a little tour:

 Florida Humidity--Homely Vagrant Child

Very Active Nap--Middle-Aged Mom

 (complete with great blow-dried body and a cute jumper)

Post-nap piggies--Teenage Punk Rocker


Cold Weather--Flat as a pancake

 (dead hair needs an alive face)

Hat-Wearing Lounge Day--looks like my gorgeous cousin Jessica!

I do attempt to do it, but it seems to have a mind of it's own. 

I'm relishing in her current state of not caring about hair, with great nervousness for future hair wars to come!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Road Trip

Ah Florida... or more specifically Orlando. The land of gators, winter warmth, and way too many places of entertainment. 

A couple weeks ago, we met Mark's parents and sister, Rebecca, in Florida (along with our current Floridian Family Members--Cousin Jackson, Betsy and baby Mickey). Mark's dad had a business conference at Disney World [really makes you wonder who plans these conferences]. What a better excuse for us to go?

We made many memories, and captured a few too many on camera. Here is a relatively concise inventory:

Progressively Warmer Pit Stops

And as many ways as we could think of utilizing our out of car seat time

Much Bed Improvisation 

Including 3 nights and a nap sleeping on the floor for Allie! They ran out of pack n' plays so... one must improvise.

Nutritional Eating Attempts... and Fails

I brought 6 perfectly ripe avocados (since that's what she likes)--she ate one the whole week. 

Jackson ate pizza at least once a day--it's been hard to wean him this week
Allie... her only food of choice for the week was french fries



Thrill Rides 

Thrills without Rides
Jackson's favorite thing at magic kingdom? The River boat.

3D Glasses
I continue to hold strong in my dislike for them. 
Just not quite there... still. 

Many happy and scared moments  
Those villains are just so scary to a 3 year old!


They seemed to be all right if they were moving. 30 min? No problem! [Kind of like the money thing :)] 
But please don't make us stand in one place for 30 min. AAAH!

Line Cutting
Only lost child moment--we found Jackson hugging the white rabbit, with a frantic helper looking about to find out who's kid had cut the 20 min line. Whoops!

Substitutes for standing in line for Characters 

Becoming a character!
Jackson played the part of Chip at Belle's palace--aah! So sweet! 
You had to be a good jumper to "get" the part.

And Finally Meeting a Character
It was a little awkward. 
But he warmed up.

We did wait in line for Russel, since Jackson used to look exactly like him :)

Crazy Animals

Great [giant!] Egrets everywhere

Gators... when you went looking

Random African animals... on our Safari

A Floating Binky Through Bajillions of Germs 

Likely the reason we had 3 throw ups and RSV after we got home. Oh but it was a lovely silencer

Lost Binky
Necessitated one of many trips to the store

Clingy Kids

Sick babies are so cuddly, and so hard to get rid of!

 Awesome Hair

Humidity and wind can add a lot, Allie and I added some curles/friz the moment we went outside.

Overall a Great trip with Great people!

Award of the week goes to the g'parents who helped clean up throw up that was all over a make-shift toddler bed in a hotel.
Though there was stiff competition, I'm sure it was the thrill of the week for them :)

We're excited to go back and make many more memories!