Thursday, May 28, 2015


I think that's how Porter felt on Tuesday. You know that one day when he was clearly no longer an infant. I was going to lay him down, but instead thought I'd try sitting him down. And he stayed up. For a good 10-30 seconds, multiple times. His cheer leaders were all very excited

He seemed rather confused as to why we hadn't been paying attention to his skill he'd been working on!


Since he could sit so suddenly, I thought we'd try for the sudden introduction of real food. I keep forgetting to buy baby cereal, and I'm too lazy to ease him into solids by mixing things with my milk, so we just went straight for the banana this time! Ta-da!

He seemed to like the idea, but didn't really swallow anything. We tried avocado today, and he and Allie are just best buds! He totally consumed at least a teaspoon of avocado.

We've discovered Allie has no fear of sharing her talents. Along with conducting (which really just gets more and more impressive), she loves to sing all day long, and will gladly let anyone record her (as long as she gets to watch it afterward). Ta-da!

 (*I love love Porter's focused chewing during the whole thing--so cute)

Jackson has likewise held strong ta-da moments lately during some of our outdoor adventures.  We've been going on little family bike rides, and little meaning 6-8 miles round trip. Jackson's little legs keep up with our scenic pace and have everyone on the trail cheering for him. His only issue is down hill (as he tries to keep pedaling with his fast wheels), and his desire to look at all the cool scenery around him (the ducks, trains and planes are just so exciting to look at--but likely to cause a crash). We inevitably get to our destination with shock as he then runs around and plays before riding all the way back. Awesome.

And this is how we all feel the next day: Ta-da!

I suppose that's the aftermath of too many ta-da's.

At least for most humans (but not this little guy)


Friday, May 8, 2015

Fast Feet, Slow Toes

 I was listening to the radio today, and heard a program that only airs on Fridays, and had to do a double take. I swear I just heard that program yesterday. Was it really Friday again? I knew it was Friday, but it seemed I had heard this program so recently, there was no way a week had transpired. But yes, a week flew by with such vigor--it felt nearly like one day. The week was full of a certain 5 year old's birthday, many children up during the night, warm weather (a swimming pool), and moments that lasted so long or were gone in a blink.  Really I'm grateful for a life balance of both--the blinks and the drawn out, the fast feet and the slow toes. What a joy to have 3 children who remind me everyday of their fast feet and slow toes.

Disclaimer: the beach shot was technically not from this week, but since this week felt like a day, the beach trip from two weeks ago definitely counts.

 Especially since this little hidden puffer fish surprised Mark's fast feet--instantly turning them to slow [pain-ridden] toes.

 Ah the puffer fishes of life. They add balance also.