Monday, February 9, 2015

Not the Expected Timeline, but We'll Take It!

The whole family has been jumping the guns on plans for the future. Such, I suppose, are the results of trying to plan--but since all are great things, we'll run with it!

Because of his silent reflux, he spends most of his time in various vertical positions--in arm, in the carrier, propped up on the couch, and most often, in the car seat. We were both getting pretty bored with these options, so we broke out the Bumbo. Woot woot! 2 months old and he can totally do it. We weren't planning on it for another month, but we will take it for sure!

She's shown interest in the potty since October, but I've been waiting for the best point in my life to train her. I think when that day does finally come, she may have trained herself (knock on serious wood). She comes and tells me when she's peed, and requests a fresh diaper every time. She often tries to go pee in the toilet right after the fact. She is really quite desperate to be trained. I try to tell her I'm really excited for our potty party coming up, but... I hope i don't miss this unexpected awesome window of time!

He decided to start trying to read. Amazingly, I thought it would be terribly frustrating (as I've sat with a lot of frustrated 1st graders trying to read), but he is LOVING it. He gets so excited every time he figures out a word. It is an incredible thrill. Also not expected yet, but we'll take it!

He found us a house to buy. This was supposed to happen in June, but it's hard to pass up an opportunity when it presents itself--especially when it fits our needs so well. We are sad to leave our neighborhood and ward, but beyond thrilled to not be moving too far away. This has resulted in some re-shifting of plans (like Allie's Potty Party), and determining we can do without a double sink and jetted tub in the master suite (or even without a master suite).

All in all, the well laid plans of mice and men certainly get changed around, but sometimes for the better!

Back in January, Mark's sister Annalee and her family, decided to come down and purchase a car in the less salted-road community of DC (they live in snowy upstate NY). At the last minuet we decided to bless Porter that weekend also. So we did (Jan 18th)! We were sad to miss other family members, but thrilled to have Aanalee and her men, and we also had a sweet experience being grateful for the many great friends we will be parting with as we move to a new ward (congregation). We have been richly blessed by the positive influence of many wonderful people, and it was touching to have many participate in porter's blessing.