Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Some miracles to catch up on

I'm on break from teaching my music class, which means my computer time isn't consumed with me just sending emails and planning lessons. Perhaps I can organize pictures, and even... [miracle] write a blog post! There are only a few things to mention. For now, we will skip summer, and start with some little miracles we're enjoying this fall.

The 6 year old

Jackson is back at school--a new school--but for the relief of his brain and limbs, any stimulation will do. The first day of school I did remember to take a picture [miracle]. My Mother may have been the only person who saw it within a week, and only after she reminded me a few times. So, always the trend follower [much too late], here is Jackson's first day of school picture!

Apparently my camera wanted to focus on the bush. But you get the tucked-in shirt idea (strange school rule).

1st grade has been thrilling and... a lot more work than Kindergarten. He's definitely risen to most challenges, but it has been amazing to see his reading jump from beginner to... fluent. Honestly, reading is one of those miracles that you have to patiently watch it occur, because there is no way to explain the ridiculousness of the written English language. Holy smokes. I'm glad he finally started to pick up the obscure rules that make no sense, because as soon as we hit short, but bizarrely spelled words like "through" or "design" [present in tonight's reading choice] I am at a loss of how to explain it or remember it. [My brain also does not accept it is as a good idea.... kind of like tucking in a scooby doo T-shirt.]

The 4 year old (who is almost 5 in August)

Allie had her first piano recital. She asked to have a piano lessons 3 weeks ago, and I thought... why not? So, we did one 15 min lesson, in a pre-school aged book I had on hand. Despite being drained by the end of the lesson, she tinkered around with what I gave her, and was refreshed and ready for another the next day. I was shocked, and thrilled, and thus started Allie's 3 week journey into piano. So far, we have a 10 min lesson most weekdays when Porter is napping, and then I give her 2-3 songs to practice. Practicing was not something I though could happen. BUT she does it. She plays the songs and the accompanying CD all day long, and by the time we have another lesson, she's ready for something new. This has been so different from what I ever imagined, it really is a miracle. I am under the assumption it may end soon, but in the meantime, she has shown me her incredible internal beat, and an uncanny ability to play the same song 50 times in a day. So whatever happens, a successful 3 weeks is great! When I asked her if she wanted to play in my "studio's" fall recital, she was thrilled, and pulled it off quite well (much better than her Mother). We'll see if she keeps going, but boy we're having fun right now!

The almost 2 year old

Porter grew some hair. To the point that we might need to cut it [miracle]. And... he's going to be 2 in a couple weeks. WHAT?! He runs, jumps, giggles, pulls hair, climbs, slides, raises his eyebrows, and talks in one syllable, one word sentences (which drives us all crazy, including his frustrated self). Breakfast cereal is just starting to shake out beyond the words "tha" or "thi" {that/this}, and it's a huge relief. We are currently able understand the difference between "pees," "ba" and "cheer" {rice crispies/bran/cheerios}, but still working on shredded wheat, honey bunches, and whatever else he sees. He understands a lot, and can give very clear "nnnoo" answers to many futile requests, but keeps us all smiling as we watch his mind process the world and the constant stimulation that are always present!

The 22 week old... WHAT?! 

AND if you couldn't tell from the recital video... we will have one more little one joining us in March. AND much to Allie's initial dismay, it will be a BOY! We are all excited about it, even Allie.

This pregnancy feels like a little miracle, as we were all thrown on our heads when I got to lay in bed and put Mark in charge of doing everything for weeks 8 and 9. The kids survived on the olympics and breakfast foods for all meals. [We definitely blew the now defunct screen limits from the pediatric society--clocking at least 5 hours of tv a day.] Mark held us together really well, and Zofran patched me up enough to become functional by week 10. There was still much breakfast to be had all day long, accompanied by ample screen time, but boy we were grateful for that miracle pill. Amazingly enough, by week 14, I could cook again. To all my dear friends (and family!) who have survived much worse, what a sacrifice. You are my heroes. 

We are very excited for another little one, and I can say I'm even grateful we have to go through the painful process of deciding on another boy name. Taking all suggestions again! :)