Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Bangs

 This young lady had a bang problem. As I have often heard people of an older generation comment, "get that hair out of your eyes!"

 I was quite inclined to let that hair just grow out and take it's own course. I hated my bangs growing up--literally the year after I finally grew them out (5th grade to be precise--the last girl in the class to still have bangs) everyone started cutting them again. I was floored, and should have realized this would be a life long pattern in trend following. I swore I would never give my own daughter[s] bangs. But, Allie's looked so annoying and never stayed out of her face. Plus we realized her forehead is huge. SO, we cut the bangs.

[For documentation purposes, this was Saturday the 18th of January.]

I knew I didn't want to risk cutting a straight line across, because of the potential for messing up and I had heard that wasn't the best way to get great bangs.

Hence cutting them as though she were a boy. 

Ya, she's not a boy. TV just doesn't capture her attention like it does her brother.

And boy bangs are different from girl bangs. You can't just keep cutting them shorter and shorter until you like them. Whoops :)

Let's just say Mark and I reviewed a lot of ways to help the next hair cut be a bit more successful:

She certainly took on quite the homely look with the new cut, but her hair is not covering her eyes. And after a week, with a little tousle and a bow, they look great!!

Or at least her smile and the fact that she's eating an orange rind make up for all bang imperfections. 

I see a great future of homemade hair cuts ahead.  We'll come back to that statement and see how we're doing in 10 years.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 under 4

Once a week, we sitter swap with some good friends who happen to be our neighbors. We do this to teach music lessons without kids. And it's amazing. But it does mean each family gets to experience the joy of 4 kids under 4 during the witching hour (4-6:30--when toddlers turn into witches).

Sometimes it's super tough--not enough arms, too much noise, and many temper tantrums. But on the whole, it's rather nice to have a playmate diversions and practice sharing.

By far the best part is hearing these two goofballs in their prime: having conversations, making pretend and creating a world. We call them the old married couple, which they live up to frequently.

This week, I caught them on camera. I love how they talk. It's so instinctual, yet ready for the stage. I also love watching the kids give and take. They both have a bossy side (all three of the oldest in fact), but most days, one doesn't mind being more submissive.

We love having the girls over, and it's invigorating to manage it. But it overwhelms me to think about the moms who have 4 of their own under 4 (like my amazing aunt who somehow survived it). Goodness. Hopefully they create many a pretend world to help cope with it. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


*Time out. Who knew "savvy" was spelled with two v's? And it only means "understand[ing]" Paradigm shift. Time in*

She's got computer savvy. Mostly amazing in her ability to convince us she won't harm the computer, and then slyly push most of the buttons before we realize it.

Toilet Paper Savvy. She fluffs up the paper knowing how helpful it is for the paper to oxygenated at our time of need.

 Headphone Savvy. Headphones are the ultimate accessory, and work perfectly well when they are draped just so.

Grandparent Savvy.

Ya, they're wrapped around her little finger, or tightly grasped in her claw. We had a lovely trip to Portland for Christmas with this savvy girl and her older brother side kick. We are all still recovering from the jet lag, but we are so grateful we got to go and see so much family and so many sunny days in P-town! One of the highlights was finding out what Lindsey and Brant are going to be having (in May) so excited...

I'm sure she'll be just a savvy as Allie. Allie's gonna have to get some cousin savvy.