Saturday, November 21, 2015

Halloween and Porter Photo Dump

Porter's face pretty much sums up how I feel about the lateness of this post. I really did try hard to post halloween pictures within a week of Halloween, and yet, here it is, a week from Thanksgviving. Fail. That's ok! I'm posting anyway, and I'm thrilled to be failing at something that really only effects me in the longterm. Phew.

So, without any excuses, I present Halloween of 2015:

And a bunch of darling Porter pictures:

This kid and food. Holy cow, it is hard to feed him. He loves breads and usually will eat applesauce and peaches. Sometimes a green bean or a cooked carrot. He can't eat anything with dairy, chili powder, cumin or tomatoes yet (diaper rashes), and has a disgust for most produce. This healthy mamma is sure having a hard time figuring out what to feed him! Porter and I are in mutual agreement that it is time to wean, but I don't trust almond milk is going to fill in all the gaps in his diet... I am seeking food recommendations for picky, almost-1-year-old little boys.

Good thing he is such a cutie in a high chair. Especially in plaid.

And stripes.

We're pretty sure he's really related to Sam and Cole (Mark's sister's kiddos). Where did we get this blonde, blue-eyed baby?!

Whatever gene pool he came out of, we feel lucky to witness him discover the world. Our curious, happy, funny, picky, mama loving boy is going to be discovering more and more soon. 2 weeks to his 1st birthday. What!? Look out world, a 1 year old Porter is coming soon.