Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toenails and Big Bellies

Can I just say I miss my little iPod Touch. It's just so much lighter and easier to capture Jackson with than our totally awesome massive camera. I guess I can go back to my point and shoot when I don't want to bring the beauty with us. Jackson and I have been on quite a few adventures lately, but I have no documentation of them because I didn't want to carry the camera. Sigh. Such is life. So, we'll stick close to home with our discussion today.

I didn't want to carry the camera because. Du du du du:! I'm 37 weeks preggo, and sensitive to all extra weight. Especially if it's not consumable. With that 37 weeks, I decided it was time to post a belly shot--first official one, and it's blurry because I never remember to have Mark do those types of things when he's home--so the self timer had to work without focusing.

For a reference point, here's Jackson at 38 +
Gosh that car was a beauty!
We are all baby planning around here-the carseat is finally washed and ready to be thrown in when needed, she actually has clothes that are not all blue, and we've got 5 different people who want to help with Jackson.

I officially cannot touch my toes (which is not good since they need to be painted), have a hard time sweeping the floor, and cringe anytime Jackson wants to sit on my lap.

Jackson can still touch his toes, is very affectionate toward "baby sister"--aka my belly--and has no trouble running away at crucial moments during the day. Great fun!

Although he can touch his toes, he's been suffering the random effects of Hand Foot and Mouth disease [HFM] which he acquired on our vacation at the beginning of June. We noticed his right toenail was doing something weird a few weeks ago. I thought he just kept stubbing his toe really hard, or had acquired a fungus (as a result of his distaste in shoes of all kinds). Thankfully, Google held the answer--the sores on the feet from HFM cause the nails to start to come off 6 weeks after they've had the virus! Thankfully his nails should grow back. And thank you Mark, for finding that out BEFORE we went to the dr--since they can't do anything anyway! Gross warning: don't look if you don't like feet.

Hopefully we get that all fixed up. The good news is Jackson asks to get his toenails clipped every day! Definitely a first. In other good news, Mark will be coming to the hospital with me and carrying all our bags--so we will have camera documentation of our upcoming adventure--whether that's this week, next or in 3 weeks!--hopefully not in 4.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Happy Day

It was Mark's b'day on Saturday. We decided to celebrate for most of the week, and sing the birthday song all day on Saturday.

It's funny how Jackson makes everything so much more exciting than us boring adults. So, we enjoyed celebrating Mark's birthday by entertaining Jackson.

This meant the long awaited bus ride down to Georgetown.

Jackson was by far the most enthusiastic rider (especially compared to all the plugged-in commuters) --"Truck!" "Water" "Crane!" "Boat" "Airplane!!!"

We went specifically to get a cupcake at the infamous Georgetown Cupcake, but since we saw an awesome fountain, we stopped there first, and had a bonus duck feeding.

And then the cupcake.

Jackson even got to top off the day with a playdate at Lilia's house while Mark and I went to a Brazilian Steakhouse yummy!

The actual birthday was spent at Clemyjontri Park--a place I've been wanting to check out, but just haven't gotten around to. This insanely large, all rubber matted park was designed to be very accessible for handicap children, and as such was a toddler paradise!

To really help the birthday sink in, Jackson insisted on singing happy birthday to Dad, at every meal and multiple times (he even rounded up a tea light candle from who knows where to help out at breakfast time).  Overall, I think Mark enjoyed his birthday by thoroughly enjoying Jackson. Oh happy day.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cooling Agents

This whole week I've been trying to imagine being pregnant in the east without A/C. I understand that it was done for thousands of years, and for a good portion of the last century. But my goodness, it must have been an incredible challenge.
We had a nice little storm visit over the weekend. Incredibly, our electricity stayed on, but the majority of the 10 other pregnant women I know right now, were not so lucky. I think everyone became very creative with how to deal with the lack of temperature control. Water--in pools, sprinklers, fountains, where ever--became the theme.

We did recieve this beauty as a gift from the storm.

(The tree branch, not the neighbor's car)

Jackson and I took advantage of utility trucks out our front door and watched the city crews clean it up. Talk about a dream come true for Jackson. He was in love and completely entertained for the whole hour it took to clean it up.

Later in the week, we escaped the heat and went down to Virginia Beach for the first time with another family. Jackson and I were both thrilled by the temperature of the atlantic waters. Water is almost more amazing then AC because it's such an incredible cooling agent, and it's been around since the beginning of the world!

Mark was amazing at helping Jackson make the most of his ocean experience. Those two played for hours in the sand and water.

Love those boys and love me some water!