Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After getting his first shots yesterday, Jackson looked a lot like this:

Fortunately, after a good night of sleep, he looked more like this in the morning:

And even flashed enough of these...

enough times...

for me to finally capture a Jackson smile.

Happy babies are the best.

PS--Hair is slowly coming back. Funny, it came back with cradle cap! EWE. (Continuous peeling on the scalp, turning into a blizzard of large dandruff flakes.)


  1. gAH! His little smiles are sooooo darling...oh, I love newborn baby smiles...Ethan had cradle cap too, but it went away really quick, maybe Jackson's will too. He is so handsome! Except for the first picture, he looks pretty upset! Ha!

  2. What a cutie! Claire had cradle cap until she was 6 months, ahh! I tried selsium blue shampoo (for months) and hydrocortisone that the doc recommended but it didn't help. (her hair was so long, and hard to get the hydrocortisone at the roots, so after a few times of it not working I gave up). Then a friend said to try baby oil or baby gel, and to keep a small residue on her scalp (so yes she looked funny and greasy for a week), but it did the trick and after a week it was completely gone. Just in time for her to be to big and wanting to escape the baby bath tub, which made it really nice to use baby tear free shampoo instead of selsium blue. So in case it doesn't go away, hopefully one of those things work for you.

  3. The first picture of him is hilarious! He's adorable! I hope everything is going well for you guys.


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