Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Things we Play

In our house, we play. Many things.

We play, "look at Daddy and laugh hysterically":
(Mark really was only looking at him with raised eyebrows)

We play contemporary music:
(I'm fairly certain I studied techniques similar to Jackson's in my advanced music theory class at BYU. Definitely categorized as original and innovative. We just need to move to notation.)

We (meaning Jackson) play, "peak a boo" every day, at least 5 separate times throughout the day:

He totally picked this up on his own. The full body smile at the beginning (arms moving in and out with excitement and anticipation) is quite normal. Just about eats your heart out.

Last, but not of least occurrence, we play, try to touch your tongue to your nose (or chin, or cheek, or... any object within reach).



  1. Shaunel - these are adorable videos of the little guy! I love how he plays peek-a-boo... Samantha's been doing the same thing with our newspaper.


  2. Haha, fun games all around! I especially love the last photo of him sticking out that little tongue. He seems so focused on getting it just right.

  3. Not going to lie, I am in love with Jackson...he is too cute!


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