Friday, April 5, 2013

A not-as-low-key-as-normal Easter

Despite my low key holiday nature, we did ratchet it up a bit this year. There were no recycled gifts from grandmothers--I actually bought my child a present, full price. We went to a little egg hunt (those eggs did get recycled by the Easter Bunny), and Jackson and I dyed eggs. We tried to decorate them before dying, but dropping the eggs into the colored water was much cooler than coloring on them. I was still impressed we did it. Did Jackson eat the eggs? err... he helped shell some of them for sandwiches. But there was no consumption.

He did consume the sweeter Easter basket tradition. The kid found his basket within minutes of learning there was a basket for him to find, and this little video completely captures his current personality. Insane excitement, random discoveries, and slight awkwardness swooped into a little talking shrieking human.

Post-Easter, we managed to have one day of the heavenly weather we usually get in April. We took advantage with an ad hoc photo session--complete with ugliest background, the cutest little girl, and our high energy resident toddler.

This happened to be Allie's first grass eating experience. She is definitely one to watch when exploring things with her mouth. She has lips of steal that do not open for finger sweeps under any kind of condition. 


 And this is how she feels about me taking the grass away before it gets into the mouth...

 Maybe next year we'll let her eat candy, and she won't have to be forced into such extreme measures.


  1. Jackson is great. I love his enthusiasm - the shaking of the egg before opening it. Darling pictures too.

  2. Jackson is classic in shaking the egg to make sure something's inside before opening it. I love it.


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