Friday, August 16, 2013

"Quiet Time"

We transitioned from naptime to "quiet time" a while ago, but this week our times of solitude has been a bit... hairy.
We have the, post-accidental nap hairdo:

 (The impressive body in the hair, takes particular positioning during sleep. )

The clothing fights that create a bloody, exhausted vampire:

And the awesome baby powder hills for cars, created so stealthily I had no idea for at least 30 min (mistakenly assuming the silence was another nap):
And finally, the craziness entered into night time. 007 crept into our room, stole Allie's recently vacated crib (she had been moved to his room) and slept there without us knowing all night long:

 "Mom, I don't like going to bed."

You're making that very obvious. Let's stick to pleasant quiet time!

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