Friday, December 6, 2013


 Sometimes there are moments in December that feel like this:

All is right in the world of Christmastide and family life!

But I must admit that for much of December I feel like this:

Desperately needing the aid of these trusty rescue workers to come salvage what's left of the month and put up blockades so I don't try and burn all of our family time with who knows what.

Perhaps if I just got all my resources together, I could build some solid defenses,

 So we don't end up squeaking through December like our trusty snowman:

Thanks Annalee and family for an awesome start to the Holiday madness! We had a wonderful snow-filled Thanksgiving weekend up in Buffalo, full of food, films and much family fun. And though it didn't look promising, our limbo-ing snowman withstood gravity our entire trip. Bring on December! If frosty can, so can we.

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  1. Shaunel I love your blog! So much fun to read! The picture of Jackson and Cole with the snowman is my favorite:)


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