Monday, March 24, 2014

Ending Winter

We started winter with a bang visiting Mark's sister in Buffallo. Remember December, the falling snowman?

 Yes yes, well why not celebrate spring in the same way? Annalee and Andy came down to DC for Spring Break--to visit us. Of course winter was not quite done. So instead, we celebrated the ending winter of 13'-14' because it's been a doozy--more for the Buffolonians, but we feel ready to move to the next season also.

In honor of touring as many sites as possible, the Dad's built a tower, and our master craftsman Andy, shaped it into the "Washinton-u-monument-u" (as Jackson still says).

Seriously, Annalee and Andy said they hadn't played in the snow since Thanksgiving because it's always below 10 degrees outside! They found the weather quite balmy down here. 

 We did have a blessed 70 degree day show up right before the snow,

And then we started adding layers

(Cole and Jackson ready to climb stairs at the Lincoln)

(Allie and Sam pensive at the MLK memorial)

 And kept them on through the snow fight.

The snow made for fun family playtime, an extra day off of work for Mark, and lots of other Spring-break tourists joining us at one of the 2 museums that stayed open: (luckily it was the 3 year old [and Dad] friendly, Air and Space Museum).

And unfortunately, despite the date, and our celebrations, Snow is in the forecast tonight. AGAIN!!!

Perhaps the brave daffodils will knock some sense into the weather. Hopefully it's not the other way around.

Thanks Annalee and Andy, for helping us try to push winter out. We shall reconvene in the summer and see if that snow dares to come then!
 (knock on wood!)

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