Sunday, July 27, 2014

Memorable Whirlwind Part I: Open Space

We did our first summer vacation loop--where we went to both of our hometowns to visit family in one crazy tornado of a trip. There were so many memories made, and great pictures... at least from the first 4 days. Afterward my picture taking stamina seemed to peter-out. Luckily by the time we got to Portland, my family took over the picture taking stamina--I just have to wait for the pictures to get to me. And so, we shall publish in parts.

Here is our Arizona part (not all pictured): cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents (3 sets in fact all in AZ), horses, cows, water, lightning, 24 hour sickness, and open space. Lots of open space.

Big Lake. Perhaps Big Cold Lake may have been the more appropriately name.

I could not believe the open fields that appear suddenly after traversing mountains of dense forests. The fields made my inner sound of music come alive with the little hills that gently sloped. Arizona is so diverse in its landscape!

Old meadows homestead of Peter Isaacson. Norman took his Ford F150 to levels the commercials don't even touch in finding this meaningful "whole of a wall".

Most spectacular was the hand dug well that was still next to the old stone house. Made me think of Laura Ingles Wilder, and her Pa digging a well. Oh the luxuries we have today.

   Hard to picture our little family surviving more than a day in the arid 
   Northern AZ open spaced country. Oh they were faithful saints indeed!
   The country they were asked to settle was pretty much like jumping off a
   cliff :)

Somehow the cows survive and thrive in the arid land. I learned the rough prickly brown grass has a higher protein content then then nice green stuff they get to forage for up in the mountains. Allie and Jackson did quite well helping them look for healthy grass.

Jackson was adorably confident as a little cowboy, until they broke out the branding irons. He was about has disturbed as I was when the calves skin sizzled.

I suppose the cowboy confidence came from the awesome riding lessons the kids received prior to cattle drive. 

That horse blood runs thick. These lucky city kids get to actually touch something so tangible from their past.

Mostly the kiddos enjoyed the near tangibility of supreme cousin love.

And open enough schedules to get wet and jump and play plenty of make believe.

And get well acquainted.

 (I think Allie met her match in size!)

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for such a lovely week.

Jackson missed out on hoeing school, but was able to help G'pa with the planting.

We'll have to pencil it in to our open space next time.

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