Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Two is definitely not 1

 This girl turned the big 2 last week.

She didn't quite remember what to do with the candles, 

But, she instinctively knew what 2-year-olds do. Literally on her birthday, her vocabulary increased 10 fold, she was able to pedal her little tricycle 3 enormous blocks, and her tantrums took on a whole new level. 

In addition to her skills acquired on her birthday, she has mastered the art of squirt guns, 

Straightened out her run, (though still maintains the flailing arms)

 And continues to hone her jockey skills at every park.


 She also attended her first tea party with her bosom buddy Miss T, who also happens to be having a big 2 birthday. Their composure is quite stunning--I realize they are 2, but seriously!? Grandma Elna would have been proud.

 Oh how we love this personality-filled cutie. Bring on the terrific 2s!

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