Friday, January 23, 2015

Frozen Happiness

We've been in the midst of Winter out here. Jackson has inquired multiple times why it's so much colder in the winter... he never seems satisfied by a distance change from the sun. Despite the cold, and numerous colds, we have found plenty of happiness sources.

First from the solidified water--

January brought a beautiful snow storm and the opportunity to use our Christmas present from Santa! Our little yard has the perfect bunny hill for preschoolers who don't require too much speed. I must say Santa's sled worked a lot better than last years make shift beauty.

I also got to teach Allie's little joy school class the past two weeks. I based the lesson plan off the book Snow, and wouldn't you know--both days it snowed! Amazing. These cutie pies loved playing in the real and fake snow they were provided with. And yes, that's my daughter who is going outside without a coat. (Even if it hadn't been in the car, I'm not sure she would have worn it...)

Secondly, from this little guy.

 We get so much joy from our solidly happy Porter, who can now smile. He first graced us around 5 weeks, and Mark caught it on his phone a few days later:

And lastly, we've come around to the Frozen craze a little late, but like all important trends, we get there at some point ;) Allie has taken on the very serious task of learning every nuance and word to each song from Frozen. This video captures some key components of her hourly ritual--like the ever important choreography, the attempts at getting the chorus timed right, and the loud, almost on pitch singing. Unfortunately, she peeters out by the end (very unusual) and we miss out on the blasted final note that is usually a quarter step off. But since we captured Jackson's sweet voice singing the words perfectly in the middle--I couldn't pass posting Allie's cover of "Let it Go:"

While we have thoroughly enjoyed all the happiness we find in winter, I have to join my shorts-wearing 4 year old and say, "when will it be summer?" Hopefully the warm weather will thaw our daily Frozen quota to only 2 complete daily listening, and bring on even more exciting things for cutie pie Porter.

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