Saturday, March 21, 2015

Moving Love

SO, some catch up (and mustard or butter).

We moved.

Somehow we bought a little house that feels huge to us, and we love it.

We love (and are indebted) to the handful of amazing people who helped move us in during a terrible snow storm that came 3 hours earlier than planned. Jackson is wading outside a midst a different snow storm, though the moving day storm was just as terrible looking.

We love the rooms.

The crock pot fits in the kitchen. And there happens to be granite counter tops. This is not a couple steps up from our last kitchen, this is like taking a giant leap into another world. I still feel like I'm on vacation when I clean it. Here is Allie reveling in youth by eating butter via her fingers atop the beautiful counter tops. 

The living room has no overhead light, but has incredible light during the day. And, since we're still on the hunt for the right sized furniature, there's so much room for romping, rolling, running and wresting. On carpet no less. (We know. Carpet is supposedly not to be desired, but we're sure loving it now!)

We love our bathroom that has somethings to be desired, but is functional and has a "shhh seat"--(it doesn't bang when it get's closed!--yes toddler awesomeness). We've spent many a hours in the bathroom lately, as the potty princess has finally been allowed to potty train. Amazingly her little potty seat kind of fits!

We love the views we have from our windows in the morning and evening. This was a total surprise and has been completely enjoyable. We had no idea such thing even existed in Virginia. What!? Usually vegetation or neighbors get in the way. So lucky!

We love our little dressing room. Dressing room? Yes. Dressing room. We couldn't fit our king sized bed and 2 dressers in the "master" bedroom, so we decided to put everyone's clothes in the same room, and sleep in the other rooms. This has been great for laundry day and forcing us to put away our clothes. Also a superb solution to going to bed and getting up at different times. *Side note, I was reading "North and South," and apparently every respectable English family needed a dressing room. I felt so justified in reading this little tidbit. :)

And of course, we love watching Porter grow in this house! He's such a sweet, happy boy, and we all adore receiving his smiles. 

(Don't mind Allie in the next video--she's trying to get out of going to bed... she inherited my lungs)

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  1. We had a "dressing room" in our first apartment and it was great! I loved it.congrats on the new house!


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