Friday, May 8, 2015

Fast Feet, Slow Toes

 I was listening to the radio today, and heard a program that only airs on Fridays, and had to do a double take. I swear I just heard that program yesterday. Was it really Friday again? I knew it was Friday, but it seemed I had heard this program so recently, there was no way a week had transpired. But yes, a week flew by with such vigor--it felt nearly like one day. The week was full of a certain 5 year old's birthday, many children up during the night, warm weather (a swimming pool), and moments that lasted so long or were gone in a blink.  Really I'm grateful for a life balance of both--the blinks and the drawn out, the fast feet and the slow toes. What a joy to have 3 children who remind me everyday of their fast feet and slow toes.

Disclaimer: the beach shot was technically not from this week, but since this week felt like a day, the beach trip from two weeks ago definitely counts.

 Especially since this little hidden puffer fish surprised Mark's fast feet--instantly turning them to slow [pain-ridden] toes.

 Ah the puffer fishes of life. They add balance also.

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