Saturday, July 18, 2015

Popsicle Frenzie

 I'm working hard on my vacation post, as we just returned from quite the familial extravaganza. But in the meantime, here are some shots of our popsicle lovin' kiddos.

I suppose we've gotten a little too accustomed to popsicles, as Jackson threw four or five fits today demanding one. I told him he could have one if he picked up some of the toys in the playroom. To which he responded, "NO! WE don't EARN POPSICLES!!!"

Today, unfortunately wasn't a popsicle day. :)

But this lovely, post-bath, evening in June made for a delightful popsicle day.


I wanted a popsicle, so Porter and I shared. His list of tried foods went from 3 to 10 that evening. (Organic blueberry popsicles have a lot more than blueberries in them!)

Allie almost made it through the whole thing, but lost it at the very end. I'm sure the ants were grateful. 

Note to self: Don't give the kids a bath and then pass out sticky berry juice. Let's do that before hand next time.

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