Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Umbilical to a belly's button

According to Denis the Menace, a man's bellybutton exists so he doesn't look bad in bathing suits. (Girls have them so the baby can be put into a mother's tummy).
So, the questions for little Jackson is, how good will his bellybutton look in a bathing suit!!??

The umbilical cord is truly an amazing thing. It supplies perfect blood and nourishment to a growing little fetus--without producing gas (like a mother's milk!!!). Unfortunately, it is an UGLY looking thing, that gets to stay with a new little infant, for what seems like FOREVER!

As a child, I remember being absolutely scared of the little stub. And it is no wonder. As you can see, this miraculous thing goes from looking like a slimy white DNA strand, to this crusty black and green protruding scab.

Can you imagine my delight last Monday (day 13), when I was changing his diaper, and most of it had disappeared!? OH! I was thrilled. It took me a while to find it (hiding in his diaper), and it also took me a while to throw it away (I definitely had to show it off to Dad and G'ma).

I was ALSO thrilled, because now we could give him a full-fledged bath! Sponge baths are just a mess and difficult to deal with.

So, observe carefully. Will it be an innie or an outie?

Whatever it ends up being, it will definitely look amazing in a bathing suit :)


  1. I love his smile in the middle picture! He looks so big already! Very handsome :)

  2. my goodness Shaunel, you're adorable, so is your lil man! I think he has your smile...and that his button will be an outie. I agree about the stump, DISGUSTING!!!!


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