Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The A(u)nt problem

I have always felt sorry for any person trying to learn English as a second language. There are just WAY too many homophones (and yes, despite being a teacher, I had to look up the definition of homonym, to find what I really meant--homophone). If you have any doubt at the number of homophones in the English language, check out

This past week, Jackson met a new Aunt. This child will be completely surrounded by aunts his whole life. Besides the 7 aunts and 23 great-aunts, this child was welcomed into the world by a few colonies of ants. Right around the time he was born, we had a major invasion of ants. They loved Jackson so much, they moved into his room and loved to crawl all over our rocking chair. EWE! Talk about the heebie jeebies and protective motherly instincts. Luckily, Mark became the potion master and concocted all sorts of various combinations of boric acid and sugar, eventually warding off the ants.

Currently we are so grateful to have the anties gone, and welcome all of Jackson's aunties.

Great-aunt Mitzi was the first to visit

I'm pretty sure we should change her title to Amazing-aunt Mitzi, since she helped me finally get Jackson's room put together with cute curtains

Jackson got to then meet his youngest aunties--Savannah and Rebecca

They definitely went home with stronger arms than when they came out here

This past weekend, Jackson got to meet his Aunt Lindsey

Despite the fact that Jackson bawled the night she showed up (not over his new bald spot), Lindsey loved him and babysat him and thought he was so cute

What fun to have so many aunts come and play and to be rid of the ants! We look forward to meeting many of his other aunties soon as we trek to Utah...

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  1. English is a tricky language! Just think of rough, dough, and cough! How do you explain why they sound so different? Are you going to be teaching this year, or do you get to stay home with Jackson? Hope you guys are doing well!


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