Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Plane and Simple

Trip to Utah. How did he do? Let's just say, this kid is destined to go go go. Jackson much prefers the plane ride to the car, and he much prefers friends and cousins to just his parents. He was certainly a superstar where ever we went. Here's a bit of a picture tour of our little tyke while he was out and about.

Meeting his cousin Addie--
Jackson had a bit of a runny nose for most of the trip--addie certainly had the best sized fingers for clearing it up ;)

Mark and Jackson cozy-ing up by a fireplace in 70 degree weather (what a relief!)

Everywhere we went... "WOW, he's a chunk!" This is my proof that he does have a neck.

Jackson meeting Jackson (little J was asleep during the photoshoot).

Hangin' out with the grandparents

(not sure I've ever known anyone as excited as my dad was to change Jackson's diaper)

Meeting new Aunties!!!

And those cute cousins (once removed or whatever they are)

All pooped out on the plane ride home.

Thanks kid. You made it surprisingly simple to travel with a baby.


  1. Schnelly! Lil J Man is sooooo adorable, and yummy! I could just kiss his uber chubby cheeks! I particularly like the photo where he is showcasing his neck...also, these pictures look really nice, are they with th new camera? your madre mentioned what you were abl to get in place of your car...jealous!!! xoxo


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