Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Torture Zone

Now that autumn is here, Jackson's been hard at work trying to amuse himself. His latest includes utilizing all the strength in his cute little fingers to tug on any part of our faces.

The nose is a pretty easy target--since it protrudes and has holes just the right size for fingers.

He obviously does not think there is any kind of problem with this situation.

In order to escape the torture zone of the house, Jackson and I took a little walk to take pictures of the leaves.

It's funny how many years I've been trying to take great pictures of trees and leaves, and I finally learned it's unfortunately all in the camera.

I'm in love with our neighbor's tree (bottom right). The leaves have been green in the center for the past 2 weeks!


Out on the walk, I decided to set up an impromptu photo op, since we certainly don't have enough pictures of Jackson, and he's getting better at being tortured with the big black box.

Never mind that it was freezing, his hands were slobbered all over and his clothes were not matching at all. We're all about seizing the moment these days.

We had to cut it a little short, since all he really wanted to do was eat the leaves

Meh--we're natural people right?

This little 6 month old needs his fiber anyway. Happy 1/2 birthday babycakes.

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