Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time for Some Style

If you look at a timeline of Jackson pictures, you'll start to realize that the top of his head has maintained the same style for quite sometime. Much of this has to do with the unending cradle cap problem--requiring me to plaster his head with some kind of goop so his scalp doesn't fall off in small pieces, in turn training his hair to go straight forward.

Granted, we have made great strides in growing hair since my last hair post (found HERE). In fact the sides and back of Jackson's head have lightened, lengthened and thickened tremendously. Mark and I have reoccurring moments parental pride when we notice a dramatic change in his hair. So glad he didn't stay bald.

With the new advancements, Jackson seems to have gotten tired of his every day look. (I think he gets jealous of all those girls at church who get to sport all sorts of head gear.)

As such, he's becoming much more willing to keep hats on--
not only for warmth,

but style too.

Jackson has also been experimenting with new hairstyles by himself. It works really well when you have oatmeal and yogurt all over your hands.

He's even been trying to look a little more hip with the Zac Efron, forward flow/teenage heart throb look:

Can you see the similarity?

Anyway, with all this styling he's been up to, I thought I'd try and work with the top of his head. We started with trying to add some body

And ended after attempting a part. This is about how far we got. And it lasted about 10 min, before it all went right back into place.

I think I'll stick with letting him do his own hair. And yes, I think his double chin is getting bigger.

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  1. LOVE this post, I think that would be difficult at least with girls you can throw a head band and bow and nobody knows the wiser (ha ha ha!) I like his Zac Efron look the best (ha ha ha!)


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