Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On the Move

I think some babies are born with a natural umph to try and move. I have a good friend who's baby is 5 months older than Jackson. He was crawling at 6 months, and walking at 9. Having no other relative examples, I thought this was normal.

When Jackson was three months, I was certain we only had 2-3 more months of leaving him and finding him in the same spot.

Funny how when we expect something, it seems to come to pass in a totally different way.

Jackson has turned out to be one of those babies that does not have a natural umph to move. He's content with whatever skills he has, and doesn't seem to push himself very hard.

He has toyed with some scooting--looking like this, and resulting in 2 cm of movement.

(Arm and leg movement is of no requirement. This technique only requires lifting a massive bum off the floor, and allowing that force to accelerate one forward.) [F=ma]

He has been a decent roller for a few months--as long as it is only on his left side. Back and forth, back and forth, on that left side--never really going anywhere. With the 9 month mark and a Dr.'s visit looming ahead (next week), I decided I would try and guide him to a bit more movement.

Last Tuesday, we practiced rolling. Then we practiced it some more, and even some more. Finally at 4 pm, I called Mark at work, ecstatic.

"JACKSON rolled across the floor all by himself!!!"

He actually moved. Somewhere new. On purpose.

Since I felt this all had to do with my relentless focus and coaching, I had quite the sense of mommy pride--void of any sadness that this might mean a lot more work for me.

However, if you notice the numerous cords and plugs in the background, you'll feel a twinge of sadness as I attempt to semi-baby proof the house.

Video quality is limited because the other camera's battery was getting charged--.

Not to worry. He still will sit and stay where we put him.

It may take a while for me to coach him on the intricacies of going from sitting to crawling.


  1. I would seriously love to have a child that stayed in one spot for as long as your son has. Mine was crawling at 6 and walking at 9 too and my 2nd is developing just as fast and I wish they wouldn't to save my sanity but oh well:) Pretty soon he will be off and running. I just love that chubby cheeky grin! SO HANDSOME!

  2. That's what you have got to love about babies, it is all on their time! Who are we kidding too he is seriously so stinking those cheeks!


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