Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walking with a Bite

Jackson charmed the world while we were visiting Mark's family last week. "Oh he's so smiley!" the airline stewardess/stranger in the store/Grandma would say. Yes, yes. He loves to smile at people--which meant he was very happy for most of the week with all the cousins, strangers and new faces around. Everyone loved his two little teeth, and his Frankenstein walk, and he sure loved to show both of them off.

Jackson loved the horses, cattle drive, his cute cousins, and a house with space for him to walk.

He didn't really like sleeping--especially at night. We're not sure if that stemmed from the limited space a pack n' play offers, or real PTS (pre-teething syndrome). Sure enough, similar to our last visit with the Mark's Family (6 months ago), Jackson popped a little toother. It totally came as a surprise despite the obvious signs throughout the week. Beside lack of consistent sleep, Jackson decided to pick up a biting habit. The new habit came in handy for him when he needed to defend his territory or toys, but it sure was a pain when he tried it on us or innocent cousins.

In general however, he got along great with his cousins (1st, 2nd, and removed), aunties, uncles and grandparents.

He loved towing anyone around as his walker, and Daniel was a definite favorite

Cole and Jackson loved playing with each other and Grandma's "new" toys

But best of all was just hanging out, being together

The walking practice did seem to pay off. At the airport on the way home, Jackson managed to walk around without human incentive at the end. At the library today, he actually chose walking over crawling as his mode of transportation. Woo hoo!

Thankfully walking tuckered him out enough to persuade him to take one of these at the beginning of our plane ride. YAY!!

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  1. Way to represent, girl! Nothing wrong with a little BYUI pride!

    Glad your trip went well!


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