Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Magic

Christmas trees have had a rough start in our little family. It's not that we don't love them, it's more that they're expensive, they take up a lot of room, and we generally travel for the holidays.

Our holiday tree history has been mostly documented in pictures. Let me take you on the tour.

Our first was a small green plant that I barely managed to keep alive in our little basement apartment. I cleverly figured out if I set in on the counter, I could put the presents "under the tree"--it was a bit of a long shot as far as trees go, but at least it was green.

Our second Christmas had me making a tree out of material, ribbon, staples, and straight pins. Definitely the most creative by far. We had a large blank wall we had never filled, and it was just the artwork that we needed to complete the house. I was very sad when I took that tree apart, but impressed it was created con no sewing machine.

Last year (no pic), I put some dead branches in a vase and hung ornaments from them. It was very homely, and Charlie Brownish, but it worked for us.

This year... we thought we'd go all out:

We decided since Jackson was getting older, we could at least splurge on a little tree that would fit on the end table. Luckily, my wonderful Aunt Mitzi sent us home with such a tree free of charge at thanksgiving! The ornaments were all from our wedding (and are all on the upper half to avoid Jackson's ever looming hand), and the colored X-mas lights--though not my favorite-were salvaged off of a neighbors pre-lit fake Christmas tree this summer. They only work partially, but that's the beauty of a small tree!

As ghetto as it looks, I have been thrilled by its effect. Jackson is enamored by the lights. He asks for them every morning, and seems to get such a thrill out of their simple radiant beauty. After they're plugged in, he can stare at them for upwards of 5 min. (In his life, that's quite a bit of time.) I've also been impressed with the warm feeling they give the house on a crisp night. Totally magical.

Along with the magic of the lights comes the magic of Disney. I periodically make up my own aerobics moves to an old Disney mix CD from high school. It's absolutely energizing to be my own instructor and just dance for fun and exercise. The other day when I whipped it out and stuck it in my 15 year old boom box (yes Middle School), Jackson's eyes became alive with excitement. He joined me for the entire 30 min dance-a-thon, and since then, a few times a day he goes over to push play on that old boom box, hoping Belle and the French towns people will start singing from the speakers. "Prince Ali" from Alladin is likely his favorite as he jumps and twirls like crazy as soon as Robin Williams starts the song.

Too bad every video I took of him dancing has him eying the camera, and suddenly stopping and leaning into the couch for a pose. One of these days!

The last item of magic has been hats. Jackson has quite a collection this year, and we have made a trade off. I don't force a coat on him, if he's willing to wear a hat. I feel as long as his head is warm... he's in decent shape.

Love the look of Kelsi's cute vest and plaid shirt she gave us last year! If only I dressed as cute as my son. Thanks aunt Kelsi :)


  1. I love the variety in Christmas trees. You guys sure have taken a big step with lights and all this year:) Can't wait to see you all!!!

  2. How funny about your past Christmas trees! They are expensive!!! I love the little tree this year though. Just Jackson's size. :)



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