Thursday, December 1, 2011

Comfort Objects

I've never been a huge fan of stuffed animals. I don't mind them, I just find them cluttery and difficult to sleep with. There are a few random ones lying about the house (an alligator, a singing
dog and a globe), but Jackson seems to be fine with his one comfort object: the Bink.

Pacifiers are nice comfort items because they also serve as noise stoppers in public places, and they're easily replaceable. But recently, he's become especially attached to it, and I'm starting to think it's about time to get rid of it.

Thankfully Jackson's picked up some other comfort objects from around the house or porch. Perhaps we can substitute one of these awesome new finds for the piece of laytex that is so comforting to him.

There's the mini-rake that now (thanks to Jackson) resides in the bathroom. Apparently it's extremely important to have rakes close by while taking care of business. Jackson throws a fit if it's not there.

He's also become well attached to a 1x2 wooden board. The board was left by some workers who fixed our moldy closet last weekend. Jackson found it, and started dragging it around the house similar to Linus and his Blanky. We had to leave to do errands, and yes. The board came with us.

Thankfully, Jackson was ok with leaving it in the car, as long as it's next to his seat for easy comforting.

Today, he became attached to the grill scraper.

When we went inside for a nap, it was an exhaustive struggle to force him to leave it on the porch. I decided to put my foot down on what could be brought to bed. Carcinogenic filled iron wool with a nice metal scraper just didn't sound safe to bring to bed.

Maybe stuffed animals don't sounds so bad after all.


  1. Blake all of the sudden became really attached to his bink a few weeks ago. If I can keep it out of sight he doesn't usually ask for it, but it is a necessity for naps and bedtime. I'm a little nervous to get rid of it because it helps him go to sleep! I keep pushing back the removal date. First it was 18 months and now it's at 2 years.

  2. haha, that's great Shaunel. Spencer and I look forward to our Sunday tradition of reading your weekly blog:)

  3. So funny. Its funny what kids get attached to. We took away Charlene's passy at 14 months and she was fine with that. Of course that is when she started to collect stuffed animals. Usually if she asks to take it on car rides, we allow her to but make it clear that it has to stay in the car. It has worked so far. :) The rake and the BBQ cleaner is funny though. Yeah I don't think I would allow that in bed either!


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