Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Lovely Saturday

We are thoroughly enjoying Mark's 4 week break from school. Generally we try and pack in everything during the summer and his breaks to take full advantage of free Saturdays and his 4 day (40 hour) work week. However, this past weekend, we just lounged about and spent it doing fairly typical things like Christmas returns and heading to the park. Coupled with the nice warm weather we had (55 degrees), it was fabulous.

Being such a rare, unscheduled, lazy day, Jackson had plenty of time to practice all his new skills he's been developing of late. Although each of these videos is taken from random days from the past month, they give a great depiction of what Jackson does during the day and what he did on our lazy Saturday.

Jumping. Especially off of small platforms. This was taken at my aunt Terrie's house. Since then, we've considered getting him a little exercise step to just jump off of all day long.

Dancing. Especially when Disney is being blasted. (I am so proud he actually kept dancing after the video camera turned on!)

Blessing the Food. Jackson has gotten very good about praying before he eats. He bows his head and start mumbling, until his enthusiastic"Aimah." Often he'll mumble the whole time we're verbalizing our own.

Night Night Daddy. As soon as a song is sung and his prayers are said, he starts saying good night to daddy. This wasn't the most amazing digital capture, since he usually says it at least 3 times with a wave, but you get the idea.

The only thing missing from this lineup is his fairly consistent habit of waking up in the middle of the night. Grrrr. Usually he's poopy or missing his binky, but either way, it does not make for happy parents. It does make for a great excuse to have a lazy Saturday.

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  1. Blake still wakes up in the middle of the night occasionally. I foolishly thought those days were over. And it's usually over a missing bink.


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