Thursday, January 5, 2012


What fun we had at the Chicago Airport on our way to and from Portland this last week. Mark and I took many turns going up and down the moving walkways. Straight entertainment for a toddler.

By the second time around (on our way home), Jackson was so good, he could sprint down the walkway and stop on a dime (reminded me of I-95 traffic here on the East Coast). He could also stay in one spot by walking the opposite direction of the walkway (impressive, I know). All activities were very tiring for both parties involved. Thankfully this helped secure a nap on both flights that followed the exercise.

The flights were decently pleasant with the naps, iPhone and plenty of fruit snacks.

The trip was even better. Despite much wet weather, we managed to get out an about--with some OMSI action, plenty of food and games, Seattle, and an anniversary trip for Mark and I! Thanks family for such an awesome trip.

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  1. Jackson is the cutest kid ever! I want him! ha ha


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