Thursday, August 9, 2012


Cell phones have really changed a lot in life. Perhaps the most poignant aspect I can think of is coordination. I remember distinctly as a child, waiting for rides (from other people or my parents), and figuring out that if I sat and watched out the window, they were less likely to come on time. If I did something productive--beside waiting--they seemed to come faster. A book, a little homework, etc always helped move the unknown wait period along. Cell phones seem to totally change this waiting game, since a quick phone call can let you know if someone's lost stuck in traffic, or just late. Bam. Expectations are shifted and waiting time has just been significantly reduced.

We're thrilled that baby sister doesn't have a cell phone, but boy has she thrown us for loops! I'm pretty sure, I've received 10 texts this week of people asking if she's here yet. I guess we over anticipated her early arrival and now this waiting for baby sister has been very much like my early days of waiting for rides.

So, why not continue to be productive. Contingent plans are a bit hard to plan around ("ya, let's get together on friday... as long as I'm not in labor"). But, I guess this is how God is teaching me patience and reminding me of that lesson I learned so long ago.

With our billion contingent plans this week, Jackson and I managed to have quite a bit of fun.

Sticks are always a favorite, but we now added bubbles being stabbed by the sticks!

(Our real life version of the Fruit Slice game)

We've played a lot of pretend--today's animal happened to be the horse.

And, we've been to our favorite neighborhood fountain 3 times this week. I finally brought the camera today to capture Jackson's incredible faces.

Amazing what a plastic cup and some water can do--even the 3rd day in a row. (Notice the horse is still in hand).

We'll keep waiting patiently and trying to remember that this little girl is a lot less work inside then she is outside! Hopefully Grandma doesn't get too bored when she shows up on Sunday.


  1. Jackson is SO cute!! Thanks for posting such fun pictures and the video:)

  2. Hang in there! We can't be pregnant forever, right!?!?!


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