Thursday, August 2, 2012

Left and Right Coordination

I have an issue with a few basic things that 1st grade teachers should have mastered: spelling, and telling my left from my right. It makes me feel great that I married a man who is an expert in both fields, and I have learned to deal with both issues (spell check, and pointing are the easiest), but they seem to still haunt me quite often. Although there seems to be a correlation amongst all of us in-laws on Mark's side of the family, I am hoping that it's not genetic since I didn't seem to inherit it from my parents.

Every parent is always scared of passing on their weaknesses to their children--thankfully Jackson has not shown major signs of poor spelling or right left distinction. The only indication I can see hindering his future skills, is his tricycle riding. He has an awesome 2-wheeler skut bike that he's a bit scared of--but slowly warming up to, and then a normal tricycle. He LOVES being pushed on the tricycle, but before this week, could not get the coordination to push the right foot and then the left. I know bud. This two sided body thing is rough. Everytime I made him try to ride his trike by himself, he would get SO frustrated and end up falling off {who falls of 3-wheelers!?}.

We had a turning point this week. Apparently a slight decline in pavement, and a little help from gravity was what he needed to feel the coordination. He is ridiculously proud of his new abilities and now seems to want to do nothing else.

Now if we could teach him to turn around, and pedal uphill, this could be an independent activity. And we could determine him free from the genetic issue of right vs. left.

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