Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cousin Lovin'

Mark's family's Christmas tradition is to have all the "kids" line up in order before going into look at what Santa brought. Last year's picture had only Rebecca and Savannah at home. It was a bit different this year.

I was glad we took this picture, because everything else I took was of Allie or Jackson, and yet there were so many other amazing people to snap pictures of! 

Despite 3 viruses being passed around a house with 15 people sleeping under one roof (and 4 frequent visitors), we had a fantastic time visiting Mark's family in AZ.

Lots of cute cousin-ness, aided by the best aunties in the world.

Addie and Jackson were certainly a pair (or at least that's what Jackson thought). Addie just went around her make-believe world and was thrilled to have others come too--as long as they didn't mess up any of her plans. Jackson was fully inundated with imagination and Addie's gigantic vocabulary. 

(The angel and the wise snowman during the nativity on Christmas Eve)

Christmas morning commentators

Care Bear Power!

Poor Cole was the worst victim of the viruses, and spent his first few days saying "Daddy, I sick" and hacking up a little storm. Oh it was sad. We were convinced he and Jackson were destined to never have healthy play time.

Amazingly, Jackson's flu shot and our endless hand washing torture kept him from getting the worst of anything and after a few days, the boys were playing like this:

Oh my cute. Couldn't have gotten enough of that.

The best part of watching Cole and Jackson was noticing how similar they were when their two-ness would hit. i.e. when butter was put on Jackson's waffle or Cole didn't want to drink out of that one cup. They melted into tantrums in such a similar way--it made us parents feel so much better about wading through these terrific twos. 

Grandpa and Grandma got plenty of baby time. Allie looks huge compared to little Samuel, but they're a mere 3 months apart.

Both of the kiddos certainly became famous for their common tendencies.

Jackson's signature move:

 And Allie Ballie's:

We had a fabulous time, so glad to have survived sickness all together!

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  1. so fun to see all the pictures of people I know! All the babies are soo cute.


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