Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Snow finally came to DC. Apparently Mark and I didn't hear the news, and I was shocked at 2 am to find a white blanket on our yard after an Allie feed.

Jackson and I ventured out in the morning to build a snowman and shovel our walk. Too bad I realized snow pants and snow gloves make a huge difference when you're playing in the snow. Since he's the oldest, it would probably be smart to invest in these things, but it's so hard to justify it when we don't even know if we're going to get snow!

Classic Shaunel style, we pulled enough stuff together to combat the chill, but the fleece pants and little cotton mittens were no match to snow melt. We lasted through shoveling the sidewalk and came trudging in with frozen hands.

 A few days later, much had melted and I wanted to save some snow for an upcoming lesson. Jackson and I gathered a bit and decided to stay out and enjoy the white fluff in better weather. Apparently this classic serving spoon was not meant to stay in the kitchen.

Love multiple uses for things I inherited from college roommates!

Allie got a taste of an oldie but goodie that I feel like we just barely put away.

Yay for the hand-me-down exersaucer!

We are totally rocking the 90's geometric shapes. It still works great!

Allie also started playing a favorite classic game all on her own (at a mere 5 months).

Does this video look familiar? Perhaps you recall Jackson wowing us with the same game when he was a good 7 months old. Funny how they look completely the same minus the eye color. Wild!

And more classic Shaunels: I guess I learned how to spell peek a boo in the 2 years since I videoed Jackson. 10 points for me!

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