Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 under 4

Once a week, we sitter swap with some good friends who happen to be our neighbors. We do this to teach music lessons without kids. And it's amazing. But it does mean each family gets to experience the joy of 4 kids under 4 during the witching hour (4-6:30--when toddlers turn into witches).

Sometimes it's super tough--not enough arms, too much noise, and many temper tantrums. But on the whole, it's rather nice to have a playmate diversions and practice sharing.

By far the best part is hearing these two goofballs in their prime: having conversations, making pretend and creating a world. We call them the old married couple, which they live up to frequently.

This week, I caught them on camera. I love how they talk. It's so instinctual, yet ready for the stage. I also love watching the kids give and take. They both have a bossy side (all three of the oldest in fact), but most days, one doesn't mind being more submissive.

We love having the girls over, and it's invigorating to manage it. But it overwhelms me to think about the moms who have 4 of their own under 4 (like my amazing aunt who somehow survived it). Goodness. Hopefully they create many a pretend world to help cope with it. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! Loved the video! I miss all of them!


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