Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Epic Easter Pics... If Only

So last year, I noticed the majority of my FB friends with kids, had these cute Easter pictures of their kiddos ready for church. I then remembered my own experiences as a youngin' getting photographed at Easter--my Dad would bring us over to some blooming tree, perch us on various rungs of a ladder and have us hold flowers near our faces. He might have been a little over the top, but we certainly have a lot of amazing Easter photos growing up.

This was about what we ended up with:

I remembered we were supposed to take pictures after Jackson had already removed his clothes. It's too bad we didn't get a picture, as it would have topped the epic family picture list. Jackson insisted on wearing a red plaid, collared button up T-shirt, with a blue striped tie. Really matchy, and really Eastery. We were just thrilled he had clothes on before we left in a whirl-wind of craziness trying to get to choir practice at 8 am. The band-aid covering his post-church split chin would have just added to the effect. Maybe he'll repeat that outfit next week.

Thankfully, the Easter bunny came after church, and Allie was beyond thrilled at this idea. She tried every piece of candy she got, and I decided I needed to tell the Easter bunny that snickers don't work so well for kids under 2.

Although we didn't get our epic picture, we did visit the cherry blossom's a week prior to Easter, and like last year, we managed to go on the peak day with peak weather. Oh wow.


And, although the shadows are horrific, I've got some awkward pose going on, and Allie looks like she might cry, a stranger took our family photo! You'll recall last year's attempt just included Jackson's hands.

Making progress. Next year, we may have an epic Easter photo to share!

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