Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mom, I'm growin whiskers!

Jackson turned 4 on Sunday.

This birthday has been anticipated for a while. He has been telling us for months that he would do "x" when he turned four. This list included going to bed in underwear, getting a pedal bike and saying prayers by himself. Our own list included getting to sit in a booster seat and not going to bed with a sippy cup. He woke up on Sunday and told me his feet were "much bigger."

I shouldn't have been surprised when he told me, "Mom! I grew some whiskers!" But since I didn't know he even knew what whiskers were I was pretty shocked when he rubbed his chin and told me to look. We both had a good laugh when I saw the dried frosting he had licked off the spatula earlier. I'm not sure his whiskers will be quite that blonde when they emerge, but who am I to say?

 Jackson had a fabulous birthday--lots of extra attention at church, and plenty of celebrating at home. He specifically requested a chocolate cake, with white frosting, chocolate chips and sprinkles on top. Not hard to fulfill.

The birthday boy got plenty of presents, the lincoln logs and an awesome dump truck gave us some fun indoor things to do during nap time, but Jackson is ready for summer. After an exciting treasure hunt,

he found two crowning jewel craigslist finds. A pedal bike and scooter!

The scooter was already mastered, and he's on his way with the bike. So excited for summer, and some day some whiskers :)

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