Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beach... What!?

Jackson's been in this habit lately of saying "WHAT?!" after we tell him something exciting, like "tomorrow we have swimming lessons," or "aunt Savannah is leaving on her mission today." He says it as though he can't believe whatever you are telling him, but he has that sparkle of excitement lurking underneath a raised eyebrow and crooked smile. Most likely it perpetuates because we think it's hilarious.

I felt this surprised "what!?" feeling when a friend of mine told me about a beach that was only an hour from DC. The beach wasn't on the Atlantic ocean with crashing waves, or swarms of people, but it had sand, warm water, and it was 1 hour away--not 3, like every other beach we have visited.

We went on what is likely to be the last 78 degree, low humidity day until autumn, and I must say... it was so nice to be burning our feet on the sand.

The beach is along the Chesapeake bay, where there are apparently multiple sandy spots not owned by private households. This particular beach had bathrooms, and nets to keep the jelly fish out.

 And no giant waves to knock toddling water carriers down.

 And shallow enough water to be enjoyed by the resident 4 year old swimmer.

I feel like this treasure of knowledge is so precious I've been proselyting it to all friends who live in the area.

I love when their faces scrunch into their own version of "what!?"

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