Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pool Days

We ushered in the hot weather last week by breaking out the kiddie pool.

How can such a little water produce such pure joy and entertainment!?

Since it was such a success, we planned a pool party for our joy-school friends (who would be here this week).

The weather made a startling move from the high eighty's to cloudy and the high 60s.

This was no deterrent for the 4 year olds. They walked in exclaiming "We're having a pool party today!!" There was no going back.

I sprayed them all with mosquito repellant (since sunscreen would not be needed for the 30 min of cloud cover they would experience) and they had at it.

 I was ready to put on a sweater, but they had no idea. Oh water bliss.

Oh joyous hose and plastic. We shall meet again often this summer.

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