Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Jackson has learned how to snap. The eureka moments have lasted for at least 2 weeks, and it's adorable. He has now moved on almost completely to working on whistling. He tells me about all his friends his age and if they can whistle, and is even spreading rumors about some of the parents and their abilities. I have a calm assurance he won't have problems acquiring the skill, since Mark's family can do 4 part harmony as a whistling choir (as long as they can keep from laughing).
Allie has snapped into better pronunciation and more complex explaining skills (finally!!). Starting last week, we can understand 50% more of what she says, and often in the car, she'll use other devices to explain herself (she was trying to tell me about a bird, and finally said "tweet tweet"). This has given me great hope in our ability to communicate once "brother baby coming out belly mommy" (Allie has inquired numerous times if that time is here--so cute).

And speaking of baby brother, we are 2 1/2 weeks till the official due date. Time has snapped itself away from me so quickly. We are trying to attack everything that still needs to be done (like figuring out where kids are going (!), and deciding when to buy a van). But having 2 other kiddos screaming, running and jumping all day long sure places them in priority, and we're still having a snapping good time everyday--despite baby brother's painful side effects on my muscles.

We've been...

Going to parks (even barefooted today!) before winter snaps in

Enjoying baths where all the kids fit in the same tub

 Carving our pumpkins 

 (From left, Jackson's scary face, Allie's doodles, Mark's Jackolantern, and my 5 little pumpkins)

Feeding the squirrels 

Seriously, these squirrels on the east coast.... 
EVERY SINGLE PUMPKIN (and there were 8 originally)

Deciding on Halloween costumes at the very last min

(FYI, it is a giraffe costume--not sure where we got it, but I'm sure that it looks more like 
Mr. Tumnus from Narnia than a giraffe. Thankfully she wore so we could at least stick with a theme. Important details you know!)

And of course eating the bounty collected by these cute animals

(Side note: apparently Allie doesn't like chocolate, unless it's chocolate ice cream. We're all a bit confused, since I distinctly remember her eating chocolate before she was 2. Poor thing gets a bit frustrated when all the candy she anticipates with great excitement turns out to be stuff "I no like.")

We're hoping baby brother's arrival is snappy, but not too snappy and happens to occur at the perfect moment for all parties involved. Whatever ends up happening, he's got a big brother who is excited to teach him all about snapping, and a sister who can talk. Whew!

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  1. I knew you were pregnant I just didn't know you were THAT pregnant. ;) GOOD LUCK and those kiddos are too cute!


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