Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Waiting Game

  We're a few days out from baby boy's due date, and we've been filling our time with various distractions. I've been nesting (I really had no idea the power of pine sol), Mark's been readying his desk at work, Jackson has been jumping off walls (or at least anything with a pushback force), and Allie has been much more creative.

When we venture outside, she rotates between her tricycle, pushing a large dumptruck, or pulling this firetruck. All of which go about 1/4 the speed of Jackson on his little 2 wheeler. She helps us remember we're in no rush to get anywhere.

She's really been developing her artistic talents, with lots of coloring and singing all day long. I LOVE love her little songs she sings, at least until they reach the fortissimo level. She really does have a nice crescendo.


She's exploring some new areas of power--climbing in and out of her crib, throwing royal tantrums, refusing to do things when asked--but I think we just need to get her a drum like this. She returned to it at least 10 times, each time confidently pulsing a really nice beat. I think it could help her with her two-year-old power needs.

By far, her funniest new favorite past time is her little obsession with cleaning her toes (at least once a day). Socks come off, toe jam comes out.

I can't wait to show her all of baby boy's fuzzy toe jam that comes with those itty bitty new born socks! She's going to be one skilled big sister.

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  1. Yay for nesting! I love Jackson's awesome bike skills and Allie steals my heart with her singing and toe cleaning.


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