Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LIttle P on the Move

Yup. No rolling practice needed. On Saturday (4/11), we got to watch this little man work out the techniques used to propel oneself onto the stomach.

He was pretty darn proud to be getting so much attention for something. And his cheerleaders were very excited to congratulate him.

We were eating dinner and had left him--slightly fussy--in the living room to practice self-entertaining. When we looked over after some concern from the fussiness, I noticed he kept throwing his legs up into the air and letting them fall to one side. He would then twist his torso and end up on his side. He kept at it, and I grabbed the camera, and on his next try, he got so close to rolling we started cheering. The next time he propelled over.

He is easy to celebrate with as he gives us so many full facial, wide-open mouth smiles that radiate an immense amount of light. These smiles may come from the thrill of being noticed. Or perhaps he's just so excited to not be living in his carseat anymore (his reflux is starting to get a lot better [more cheers!]).

But, likely these smiles are his happy attitude just came with him, 

And they're ready to be on the move.

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