Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A garden of growth

This 8 1/2 month little boy, just about melts our hearts every time we see him. 

His melting capabilities are directly correlated to his recent growing capabilities. Porter has sprouted 2 teeth (end of July), is nearly crawling (started scooting on vacation) and to help with it, he sometimes eats solid food. But mostly flashes those big blue eyes and cheeses the biggest grin and gleans energy from the rest of us.

Though this video is from a month ago, his scooting still looks very similar. He has started utilizing both legs, and accassionally rocks back and forth on his knees. This boy is growin' up!

Porter has definitely kept himself on a [mommy] milk based diet, and supplements with cheerios, pretzles and mum mums. Produce--especially cooked--is not welcomed. Whatever the food ends being, he enjoys making extensive noises right to accompany the chewing. Though it's cute (and confusing, since it doesn't really sound pleasant) the first couple of times, it's super inconvenient to listen to--especially at church!

On other growing fronts, our garden miraculously produced this:

We're so grateful for all the growing we get to do in our family, but especially when it's so cute or delicious!

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  1. Your bucket of garden veges is stunning! Porter is such a beautiful child. His whole countenance glows.


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