Thursday, September 24, 2015


That first day of Kindergarten was a while ago, but since we're still in the honeymoon period of this amazing thing called school, it definitely deserves a post. I think every family member appreciates that a large portion of Jackson's energy and stamina is getting a new outlet. I'm sure it will get hard, and that walk to the bus stop is going to get colder and colder, but we love seeing how excited Jackson is and hearing about all the neat things in his day. He loves Kindergarten!

Allie is taking the whole kindergarten thing in great stride, floating through her day as the new first in command. Her temperament is so different without Jackson, it has been incredibly fun to see her stretch in her new space. She flits from various activities throughout the day, with a bit of a song and a lot of self talk. It is beyond adorable. She still checks in nearly daily to confirm that she will go to Kindergarten when she gets bigger, and mentions what she is planning to wear--which does illustrate that she misses her brother a little.

The little P man? He's really working hard at trying to catch up with his older brother.

 This kid is on the move, and always practicing for his next big developmental leap. He just started pulling himself up to a stand at the beginning of last week, and today he was trying it out one handed. His eyebrows are nearly always up, with a look that says, "hmm...what's that!?" Everything on the floor goes into his mouth, and the pieces of loose carpet beat the legos for number of times being swiped out of his chompers. We sure adore this squealing, wrist pumping, little tornado of a kid.

And my new firsty came in a box 3 weeks ago, right after my trusty basic phone snapped in half. SIx years late, with no regrets, I took on a smart phone (when they finally became budget friendly enough for this frugal gal). It's super nice to be even lazier than I used to be--as long as I remember to charge it.

We're all excited for fall here, and the prospect of our first tree! Bring on the firsties!

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  1. How fun. You can just feel the excitement Jackson feels. His body language is so loud! I love it.


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