Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Face of Independence

We brought up the exersaucer from the basement.


seriously? this is mine to play with?

I think I'll keep it... especially if you keep making great faces at me mom. (Love the tongue)

Yes, I love this next video. I think I've watched it on the camera... mmm, 5 or 6 times. Let's just say I find his eyebrows and facial expressions hiLARious. Laughing out loud every time. The family seems quite unanimous on the shear joy we get from this little plastic structure (that I would've never have purchased). Thank you to Clara, who gave us her old one, quite a while ago. AND thank you to the basement that has held it in the interim.

ps... I tried to reformat the blog so these silly videos I keep posting don't get cut off. I know... I feel so tech-savy.


  1. That video is great! We got a bouncer from some people in our ward (we never would have bought it either) and Blake loves it! He goes crazy in it and I love having a place to put him other than his crib where I know he'll be ok. Jackson is adorable!

  2. Shaunel, Jackson's expressions are awesome! What a cutie-pie :) I look forward to squeezing his cheeks some day! Love you, kendra


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