Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do you DO with him all day?

I am often asked by closer family members, what do you DO with Jackson all day? At the end of the day I often wonder the same thing. I have many dreams of becoming a seamstress, an incredible pianist, and a well read citizen, but the problem lies in the reason I'm home... oh ya. My child! I've discovered Jackson's not such a fan of me sitting and doing something while he does something else. So here's what we do together.

Diapers anyone? Yes, yes. We do a lot of that. Luckily he loves it. Did I mention he lifts up his legs for me 30-40% of the time?

Eating. Our day revolves around meals for Jackson. Eating times are well planned out! This is my favorite public feeding location. Assateague Island visitor center had these huge rocking chairs, overlooking the park. Too bad the view from his room isn't quite the same.

Napping. AAH bliss. Unfortunately, it is the most inconsistent part of the day. Some days he'll take 2-3 two hour naps, other days it's like he loves to tease me with these 20 min ditties here and there. Thankfully night time is blissfully a consistent 10-12 hours, so I guess we'll take whatever we can get during the day.

Cleaning. Jackson especially loves vacuuming, but this is his spot for dishes, mopping, laundry, pretty much anything that involves me standing and moving.

Cooking? He usually switches around from baby device to device. Start in the exersaucer, move to the swing, go to the carrier--dinner is by far the trickiest time of day. The Jonny-Jump-up is his most recent favorite. Tonight he gave me 30 minutes of solid jumping without a cry.

Jogging! I definitely didn't feel like my body was back to normal until Jackson was over 3 months old, but we started going out with the jogger around 9 weeks, and boy do we both love it! It's just starting to get chilly in the morning here, which means blankets snuggled all around.

Playing. Pretty much any sort of off the ground activity where all my attention is on Jackson, is well loved. (I think I made him a little airsick right before this picture--whew! those modified plane rides can be a bit turbulent).

Enjoying the outdoors (or open doors). Jackson would sit and stare outside all day if I had the patience to hold him. However, I discovered he'll sit by himself for a good 15-20 min--as long as there is a descent view and some fresh air.

We also love to sing songs, go to the library, go on walks, read LOTS of books, visit friends, go on outings in DC, and babysit other kids [the more distractions the better]. Despite all this we still get BORED! Oh well. Maybe someday we'll get TV and start being entertained by Big Bird. Until then, we'll keep coming up with creative ways we can BOTH enjoy this precious time of life.


  1. Oh, he lifts his legs for you...just like Merrill did for his mom back when he was a baby!
    This sounds like so much fun...enjoy it while it lasts....!

  2. it sounds like everything is going so well for you! and you look like such a pro feeding him outside. i was a mess after ruth was born and NEVER fed her in public cause i just couldn't get the hang of it. way to go! i definitely understand the boredom thing. i remember when i was pregnant with will i kept hoping that having 2 kids would mean i wasn't bored any far that has definitely been true!

  3. It is so true you wonder what it is you did all day, but you know you did a ton and that you are exhausted (ha ha ha!) He is so cute, love that he loves to help ya clean!


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