Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potentially Embarrassing

We were able to capture Jackson's signature move on film. There have only been a few times in his life when this wasn't a reoccurring event throughout the day. It stopped when rice and bananas entered his life, but carrots get everything going again. Since carrots are cheap, easy and my personal favorite, we eat a lot of those, which means a lot of this:

Along with pooping, we do a lot vanity checks. Jackson has yet to leave the stage of self fascination. Mirrors are still the most exciting thing man could have created.

The only time he doesn't want to look into the mirror is when he gets to take a bath. We'll stand at the bathroom mirror, and I'll ask "where's Jackson" in that high mommy voice, expecting him to glance excitedly at the mirror, but instead I am completely ignored. He looks straight at the water pumping his arms and legs in excitement. Definitely the favorite time of the day.

Another favorite time of the day is when we get to be social. Jackson and I stopped by our next door neighbor's house last week for their daughter's 1st birthday party. Now, we are aware of Jackson's tendency to hit on older women...

...but we learned he's not so used to the younger gals coming after him. The birthday girl, Samantha, came over to say hi to Jackson. Jackson was all excited to have a new friend, and started chatting up a storm and reaching for her. Suddenly, SHE started leaning in toward him. "Oh she wants to give him a kiss!" her parents commented. So she gave him her version of a kiss. And then another, and another. After about 10 kisses, Jackson looked quite flabbergasted at his new roll as the sought after man. Though we did not capture the moment there, his face looked somewhat like this:

I think he'll need some time to digest this new roll.

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  1. oh my.

    oh my!!! that video was amazing. i loved it! it'll be fun to show him that in the future.

    p.s. i love reading your blogs, i can hear your voice in them and it's like we're actually hanging out swapping mommy stories.

    p.s.s. i would give jackson 10 kisses in a row too!


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