Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My parent's car was broken into last week and their laptop was stolen. My dad, said it was the biggest blessing. Amazingly, the thief stole a brand new $600 laptop that had no valuable information, and left the $4,000 Saxaphone that was sitting in the front seat.

It was a story I needed to hear.

Jackson's 3rd time sick in 3 weeks makes for a really grateful mom.

Grateful he was healthy the first 9 months of his life.

Grateful I get these cute smiles when he's not sick:

(Don't mind the food stains all over the sides of his high chair. Washing it 1x a week is plenty)

Grateful we can sleep in until 9 am when he's awake with a fever for long chunks at night.

Grateful for internet that allows for rescheduling in an instant.

Grateful for 60 degree weather in the middle of February.

Grateful for baby Tylenol.

Grateful for a small house. Less cleaning, less distance between my bed and Jackson's at 3 am.


  1. So true! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a great birthday! Love ya lots!

  2. Poor little Baboo! Hope he gets better fast and stays healthy!

  3. Indeed so much to be grateful for - I too especially love that smile. Hope he's on the mend soon and that you can catch up on some sleep. Also, excellent news about the laptop. Seems like a silver lining in what could have been a really bad situation.


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