Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cool Factor

Now that Mark's semester is over, I've been taking full advantage of his free time. Besides installing the window A/C units (much cooler!), that mostly means giving him plenty of bonding time with Jackson. Saturday was one such day. After being gone the whole morning, I came back to find a very proud daddy photographer. He was especially proud of the cute outfit he found for the little guy to wear.

I think Jackson enjoyed it just as much as he did.

Even though I was impressed with Jackson's incredible biceps, I didn't think we needed to subject our child to such stereotypical macho-ness. In response to the wifebeater/warmup outfit, I found this seemingly cute little ditty, that showed its true colors after I kept mistaking Jackson for a girl.

And yes, he dumped all his little dehydrated apple bites on the floor to enjoy at his leisure.

I guess we won't pull that one out again--or at least when we're seeing any kind of public. Especially when we watch someone as cool as Bodi. He exudes cool. Clothes, hair and confidence. Bodi is 6 months older than Jackson, and they play fabulously together. His only hang up is that he loves the garbage can. Everything goes into the garbage. And since he was so cool, Jackson couldn't help but pick up some new skills. Luckily he's not as good at it as Bodi, and hopefully it's not a skill he decides to practice.

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